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Austerity isn't working. Throw Irish families a lifeline. Vote no.


Sinn Féin believes that Ireland’s place is in Europe.  Cooperation with our European partners is essential if we are to meet the challenges facing us in the time ahead.

However, Sinn Féin believes that the Fine Gael-Labour Government has failed to stand up for Ireland in Europe and that the Austerity Treaty will not solve the Eurozone crisis. In our view this Treaty will in fact make matters worse both for Ireland and for Europe.

The Fine Gael-Labour Government tried very hard to avoid a referendum on this Treaty. They did not want citizens to have their say. They sought and secured changes to the final draft of the Treaty in an explicit attempt to avoid having to put it to the people.

Sinn Féin consistently argued that the people must be able to decide on any agreement with such far-reaching consequences for this country and called on the government to commit to a referendum.

Fortunately the Government has not got their way. The democratic right of the electorate to be consulted has been asserted. We, the people, will decide.

Unfortunately the government is now attempting to portray the choice before the people as that of staying in the Eurozone or leaving. This is not the case. Ireland’s position as a member of the Eurozone is secure no matter what position we take on the Austerity Treaty.

The reason for such scaremongering is the government is unable to find a singlepositive reason for the Irish people to support the AusterityTreaty.The real question currently facing the Irish people is whetherthe Austerity Treaty is a good deal for Ireland and for Europe.Sinn Féin believes that it is not and on that basis we areurging people to vote against the Treaty in the referendumon May 31st.

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